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Mission & Vision | White Rose - Strong Barrier, Safe Passage
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Mission & Vision

White Rose; becoming one of the leading companies  of Turkish industry  primarily  due to our exports attack achieved in recent years, aims to be a world leader  in near future in its sector with its technology improving gradually  and unlimited concept of service.

Our company which achieves sales activities based on nationwide and regional distributorship system has been able to establish an effective distribution  and service network. Different discounts are applied by our nationwide, regional and auxiliary distributorships.

After sales activity is approved by the customer, delivery planning of the items in terms of daily basis   is provided.  Due to  excellent- organized distributorship channels, delivery is provided without facing up any problem.

White Rose, due to its various products with separate features, uses its advantage of being the single company in the market.  Products with  advanced technology have been combined with higher production capacity, thus leadership  and dominancy  in the market have been provided.

Interactive communication has been  provided by  computer supported intensive communication and information system, therefore, feedbacks  on the product are provided under better conditions.

It is our major objective to supply  most appropriate and highest quality goods  to our distributors and customers.     

In line with this purpose;                                               

All processes affecting the success of our company and quality of our products are continuously improved in order to provide our customers’ satisfaction with our product quality.

We are analyzing our distributors’ existing and future expectations in the best manner and supplying them the best product and service  under most appropriate conditions, moreover we are trying to be one their sides. 

The attitude towards the consumer  almost comprises the basis of the marketing today.  This is the customer oriented marketing approach. Requests, expectations  and needs of final users have been taken basis  both  for our own structuring and for our further activities. 

  Strong Barrier, Safe Passage  
  Taking firm steps forward without stopping and without getting tired, we work for security and comfort of the people.  
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