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Equipped Personnel

Our cheerful and experienced personnel shall be always with you to share your life joys, aspiration  and excitements, concerns and to make your life easier.

We produce appropriate solutions for needs

In our factory located over a 10. 000 m2 – area, we produce our products’ electronic and mechanic equipment  by ourselves. 

White Rose continues its search for  quality, which is already initiated for  raw material procurement, at all stages of production as well. Production is achieved due to very precise works in various stages. Products are designed  by expert project team under the consideration of customer demands,  and technical calculations and manufacture- drawings are completed in this respect. Production process consists of four basic sections such as ; welding, machining, painting  and automation. 

Manufactured items are made subject to various tests and brought ready for final consumption.

  Strong Barrier, Safe Passage  
  Taking firm steps forward without stopping and without getting tired, we work for security and comfort of the people.  
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